In this blog post I will discuss a few things that I’ve learned since starting my business!

I transitioned into a business from my blog maybe over a year ago but now that I’m thinking on it, it was more of a merge that happened. Okay enough of that! Let’s get straight to it —


I’ve always said this and been this way from my personal life and all through my work life. So if I can be completely honest…. When I first dived into the creative business Chile, it was a hot mess. I was literally in all types of different lanes that it left my business looking like who did it and why. I know when you’re on social media you see all of those cool graphics, animations, mockups, etc and think wow! Until you’re in the position to create something for your own brand and now it’s a different story. Going through the creative process of rebranding and even in the work I do for my clients less is always more. Some people might be mad when I say this but the glitter and IG models slapped on your graphics is not IT. I also want people to know that you don’t have to have the glitz and glam or even a graphic logo to have a successful and good looking business. Again, this is just MY opinion and what I have learned.

It’s okay to say NO.

This was something I came into recently and feel so confident about, I actually really stand on this. I plan on making a separate blog that goes into detail on how to find your ideal clients. I feel like I’ve spent the first year of my business just saying YES to every opportunity that came my way and it left me feeling dry and incomplete. Every time new clients would ask to see my work I would freeze because I remember doing a ton of different projects but literally had nothing to show for because I wasn’t proud of my work and follow me as I explain - I wasn’t proud that I didn't have an onboarding process, I wasn’t proud that I let the clients take control, and I wasn’t proud that I couldn’t use none of what I created because it didn’t go with my brand and what I wanted my ideal client to be; again this goes all the way back to knowing your audience, understanding your brand and brand voice.

There’s work after the work!

I never want to downplay taking steps because trust me it all counts towards something but I remember getting so complacent after checking one thing off my goal list. I’ll post once a week and think that’s okay when in reality that’s not how this works at all. It’s great that you got the logo, the marketing, or the website done but now it’s the upkeep and I wasn’t ready before. I didn’t know how to execute after that, the fire died and that can come from so many different things. In order to keep my cycle going in the most successful way possible I had to understand this. I feel so relieved and HAPPY that I rebranded, my heart is so full with the feedback but here’s my test. Am I going to keep working? Am I going to show up? Am I going to utilize it?

I wanna leave you guys with some reflection questions that you can answer in the comments, email, or just to yourself —

  1. What is my brand? Is my brand message well relayed to my audience/community?

  2. How is my marketing strategy holding up? (Reflect on what posts worked well and what didn’t. Pay attention to your analytics!)

  3. Does the content that you post match your brand?

  4. Do you charge enough for your time and the work that you put in? (I know money can be an uncomfortable subject to talk about but it‘s important)

  5. Where are my strengths? (I want you to focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses because it’s amo for your business. Perfect what you are good at and allow it to put you in high places)

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