Yup. You definitely read that right.... Gosh, it's so easy to look put together on social media but we have to remember that it's literally JUST a highlight, it's a tiny glimpse of what our actual life really is.

I'm trying to find the words to describe this space that I'm in and I can't so I thought writing would help it make sense. Q4 is off to a crazy BUSY start with so many transitions to start me off in which I feel like a lot of the good that was happening turned bad but now that i'm reflecting it was definitely a mind/perspective thing that I have to work on. My daughter started Kindergarten, I started a new job, and my son was going to daycare for the first time... can y'all just imagine? Mind you it's just me doing pick-ups and drop offs, dinner, baths, and everything else in between while trying to manage my business and home life. Fast forward I got through week 1 barely lol, so now we're in week 2 and both of my kids have some kind of stomach bug. I started to ask God if he even wanted me to have a job? I legit asked this in my prayer and asked out loud. I've realized that in those stressful and frustrating moments, when I have to be everything for everybody all at once I have to take a step back, breathe, and focus ONLY on the things that I can control.

Let's talk business. So as many of you know I started off blogging about 5 years ago and from that I started to wear many different hats. When I transitioned into a business last year I had no idea what the hell I was even doing, a year later I have a much better grip/understanding but I still have so much to learn but I'm doing it!!! It feels damn good.

Can I rant for a second though? Once I started to dive into my new field and get into social media I've realized how draining it can be. If you're in any field like my own or even just a business owner period listen to me... YOU DON'T HAVE TO STICK TO ONE THING!!! Shocking right? I talk about branding, content, etc and what a lot of experts would do is tell you to find a niche which isn't wrong but something doesn't sit right with others telling me that I have to stick to just one thing. Did you know that I almost listened? I almost stopped blogging because I felt like my page had to be all about my business but nah, I was wrong. I had to do what I am passionate about which is writing and connecting to my audience. I obviously had to do it in a more strategic way but if I can be honest it's still in the trial phase. I would never let anybody put a cap on what I can do - I can have my creative studio, still blog, AND land sponsorships through creating content that matches with my lifestyle whether it's motherhood, mental health, or business related! Everybody has a book out about how to do "it" when in reality everybody's path is going to be so unique and different. Now one thing I will say is that there does have to be proper structure and planning put into place no matter what you're getting into but as far as listening to others so much? Psshh... create your own lane and then tell us what worked for you!!! There is nothing wrong with trial and error. Trust me, you will figure it out.

All in all just do your shit. It's okay to take notes and advice from others but at the end of the day understand that you are on your own journey and will eventually have to go out there and make a way for yourself. Don't put limits on what you can do, how many businesses you can have, and what you can be known for.

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