I know how frustrating it can be to feel the pressure that society puts on us as individuals let alone business owners. Everybody has the blueprint and a 5 step process to make 10k (no shade at all) but sometimes it's not really what it seems and somebody out there needs that reassurance.

We live in a time where going viral is becoming a goal and numbers/views are more important than our values. It's honestly hard not to do those cute trendy dances or be apart of this growing movement if you will. I don't know what people call it but there's nothing wrong with sticking to what you know and not what others are doing, even if it's 2.3 million people viewing what they are doing.

Social media does NOT define your business! I mean it. For the last few months I sat with myself trying to plan out my content each month and every time I tried to do so I failed, I ended up so frustrated with myself feeling like a complete failure. I had to give myself a chin check in which was super uncomfortable BUT by doing so I gained clarity and true understanding.. I'm embarrassed but I'm going to tell ya'll anyway; I was failing because I realized that I was attempting to plan/schedule like someone else in my field whom is very very successful and super good at what she does but chillleee that's not me and that is OKAY. I feel like being on social media it's almost too easy to look at someone else's highlight reel and instantly want their success or status level but chileee you can't compare your chapter 5 to their chapter 20.

I had to realize that I may not be cut out to do 4 reels a week or put out content twice a day. I'm not sure if my house will ever be quiet enough for me to attempt to go on live a few times a week and that's okay. I had to re-center myself and remember that I'm in a lane of my own in which I'm sure looks different from yours. For the past 2 months consistently now I have been truly doing what works for me - nothing more, nothing less and that constant pressure lifted; I started to feel more confident, I started having more creative sparks, and I was able to execute from a positive place - not to mention do things I never thought I was able to do.

The content that I put out is for others to consume and use even if it's ONE person. I used to get so geeked when my post would get so many likes, shares, comments, etc but at the end of the day it's not everything. I can post something that gets 20 likes and one save but out of that I was able to book a client, you feel me? I've honestly had posts in the past that I posted at the "wrong" time I guess and it literally got 3 likes BUT someone wrote me and literally told me that the post was so helpful and informative.. that's all I needed. I had to sit back and reevaluate and relearn a lot of things because I absolutely did fall into that, this is why we have to be mindful on what you allow yourself to consume while scrolling on social media. Don't get discouraged... keep at it and do what's best for you! Focus on the things that you do have, continue to water it and it will grow.

I'm going to leave yall with a question... what does success look like to you?

Is it numbers? views? likes? being completely booked?

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