What’s up world ?! I’m Dave Wanpue a.k.a Davey Dave. I’m 24 years young. I was born in Baltimore Maryland but was raised on the northside of Minneapolis my entire life. I was raised by my mother and an outstanding village that I’m forever thankful for. 

1.)    What does “4 The love” stand for?

4 the love is a lifestyle, representation, or a movement of doing things in life with a purpose or meaningful. Showing love to people or having a deep passion about your craft that you don’t do it for money or any other reason than your love for what you do. 

2.)    What inspired you to do what you’re doing?

I believe what inspired me is just wanting to add value anyway I can too push the culture forward. Seeing other people full of joy and happiness brings me peace of mind. At the end of the day that’s all I ever want is a clear head, happy heart and peace of mind

3.)    What challenges did you face starting your business?

The biggest challenge I had with my business I believe I’ve already overcame. For me it was just getting started. I was afraid of being criticized, I didn’t know all the answers. Once overcoming that fear and just getting started things have been going better. Life’s all about trial and error and business isn’t any different. Learn and grow you’ll get better at anything. 

4.)    I know you speak very highly about your community, what do you hope to accomplish in the upcoming years? 

I love my community. Its definitely one of the main reasons I think and act the way I do. I consider myself a social entrepreneur. I’d like to start a full service management and branding agency. I also look forward to working with the park and Rec clubs and seeing how we can enhance that for the youth. I’m really excited about a retail space for the clothing aspect of my brand and really turning the space into a unforgettable experience for supporters. Networking and connecting with some of the bigger brands and organizations and seeing how we can create a championship culture within the community. 

5.)    How would you measure success in this role?

I measure success in everything I do by did I get my message across. All I want to do is inspire people to live their life through their God given talent and ability. Loving what you do and loving yourself. If you love yourself and what you do daily you won’t have a problem showing love to anybody else. No matter what their background is. 

6.)    What kind of culture exists in your organization and how did you establish it?

I believe we're establishing a championship culture. Celebrating each other’s accomplishments genuinely. Sharing each other’s work with people through word of mouth and definitely social media. It’s free to show love and appreciation towards people. Show a little love at the minimum and I’m for certain it’ll enlighten you. 

7.)    How do you generate new ideas?

I’m heavily inspired by hip-hop, Sports, history and women. I just kinda let ideas flow. They're never forced. I may watch an old jay-z interview and hear him say something that’s relevant today still and it’ll resonate and stick with me. That’ll spark an idea event, clothes or just the art of business. It’s all natural never forced. 

8.)    What piece of advice would you give to the youth who would like to become entrepreneurs one day?

My advice for the youth is do what you love. It’ll never feel like work if you’re doing what you love. Everybody has difficult days and tough times. When you’re doing things that aren’t bringing you joy or you feel aren’t purposeful you’ll give up and quit. If you love it you’ll never quit. 

9.)     What business-related book has inspired you the most?

I actually have a few books that have inspired me. Decoded by Jay-Z, conscious capitalism, the art and science of respect by j.prince and many more. 

10.)  What can we look forward to?

All supporters can look forward to really fun and exciting experiences. As we grow and build we’re looking to really be apart of the community. I have a few plans being worked on right now that I want to keep close to my heart but I’ll definitely be letting everybody know once things are up and rolling. 

My personal review: I tried my best to come up with questions that would best highlight the work this man is trying to do, as well as the love and good intent he has behind his brand. I've had the honor to attend and be apart of one of Dave's first event/popup shop right here in Minneapolis, MN. I was there handing out brochures and spreading awareness regarding Mental Health. It was a beautiful event and Dave was a pleasure to work with; you can just tell he put so much work behind what he's trying to do and put out into his community. I connected with so many different people that day and was provided with so much information from makeup all the way down to real estate, I even shopped and supported a clothing brand that I had no idea about and still rock that t shirt and sweatsuit today. The amazing thing about the event is that the people that were providing this information or services were people right here in the community, people that I follow on social media, or went to high school with which made the event very meaningful to me. If you haven't I would highly recommend that you get connected with Dave, he got a lot of great things coming.

Connect with Davey Dave and 4TheLove on social media:

IG: 4theloveceo

Business IG: 4thelove612

Website: Currently underconstruction

Facebook: Davey Dave

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