I wish I could say that I always have it figured out but truth is I don't and I'm learning how to be okay with that. I feel like I just went through a MAJOR transition in every area of my life all at once, whew Chile, life was not letting up. When I reflect I can't even sit here and say that they were all bad or negative transitions, it was more so about how fast things were happening ALL at the same time.

Let's talk about how I got fired from my job. LOL (It wasn't funny but I guess can laugh now) I definitely felt it coming I just didn't think it was going to be that soon. I was working full time at a medical company as a Benefits Coordinator in which I actually landed this job in the middle of a pandemic. Did I really enjoy it? Ehh, it was okay, I was definitely thankful for being employed during such a scary and uncertain time but I really don't have any attachments to the company or job. After they let me go I thought it was time to go all in on my business in which I did but it just wasn’t consistent enough or steady enough for me to just not have a job. I was in the process of buying a home (beginning phases) but still. I was lost ya’ll.

A week ago I had everything figured out and just like that everything changed. I know me and I know that when I get in this flustered and confused state I have to go back to my source. I had to ask God for direction but not only that, I had to let go of everything I thought I had control over. Once I did that and focused more on positioning myself for whatever God was going to give me, things truly started falling into my lap and all of it started to make sense.

Life happens so fast and a lot of the times we get caught up in trying to control something that was never meant to be or we try to control the steps that were already ordered. I’ve learned that in these type of situations you truly have to rely on your faith, gratitude, and put your energy into positioning yourself for something better. I had to go a little deeper with myself and ask those hard questions such as “why did you start a business?” or “why do you wanna work a job again?”

This is what led me back to my W H Y and my purpose. It made me realize why I work so hard, why I do what I do, and it helped me look back on how far i’ve come. I wouldn‘t have my business if it wasn’t for my blog that paved the way first and thats why I had to understand my purpose in which I never want to lose. I connect with people on a very transparent level and I hope to grow my audience beyond what it is through storytelling and content strategy.

Above all else my family is my why and my

everything - they are MY reason. I decided to accept a new job in HR to continue on with my plan because thats priority, it’s important that my kids have a home they can grow up in.

So getting back to my why and my purpose looks a little like this:

- landing a 9-5 job that doesn’t stress me out and is something that I actually enjoy (finally). A job that will fund my business and pay my bills.

- going hard when it comes to my business. Always finding ways to gain more skills & give my clients the experience they deserve.

- back to the original plan… a house is on the horizon!!!

- getting back to blogging and reminding myself WHY any of this even started. Showing more of that transparent side like I once did.

That was a lot, I know but it feels so good to be here. My days are usually crazy and booked but taking this time to write really humbled me. If you’re ever in the thick of it just remember how/why you started and why you should keep going.

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