Kenee reached out to me on Twitter asking me if I could review her newly published book and I couldn't be more happy to accept. I am always looking for a new book to dive into but I knew this book was personal, I knew it was going to be a story I could relate to and take a lot from.. I wasn't wrong. We agreed to do a Q&A style review so after reading the book I generated some questions that would best highlight her book along with my personal review at the end. 1.) What was your motive behind this book? Mental health is something people like to sweep under the rug, and pretend everything is okay instead of dealing with what has came their way and fully overcome the trauma to then realize everything is truly okay. The main motive behind writing this book was for me to help others who have been in the same mindset, stuck and beating themselves up as well as holding themselves back. I genuinely want to see peace in the world and I believe it begins with individuals having peace within themselves.  2.) What challenges did you face? What was the hardest one to overcome? One of the biggest challenges I faced during this process was applying the words and advice to my own life. I knew what I was writing about was achievable but it was very hard to release myself from the cycle I had grown  accustomed to for basically all of my life. Another challenge I faced was constantly wanting to give up, but I overcame that with LOTS of prayer. I had to remind myself that this was something I have wanted practically all my life and the only thing standing in the way was ME. 3.) If you could do one thing differently what would that one thing be? This might sound cliché but I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, just the way it was supposed to. With all challenges it was proved to me that this book is necessary and had I not struggled, I wouldn’t believe in my book as strongly as I do now. But if I had to choose I’d say less procrastination and more focus! 4.) What made you title it "Everything is Okay"? I’m gonna be honest I was going through a tough moment with my boyfriend at the time, we couldn’t stop arguing about trust and I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just trust me. It was very overwhelming, so I went to seek advice from a male perspective and to be honest if my brother was talking I couldn’t hear him cause my mind was in shambles and my heart was racing, I could feel a panic attack coming on, so I just started to talk to God and it was almost like everything in my mind just vanished and all I kept hearing in my head was “everything is okay..” it felt like a turning point, all feelings of anxiety just went away and that’s when I knew! Plus the phrase fit perfectly with the content I had created thus far for the book. 5.) You stated that transformation cannot fully occur until we've first learned ourselves and deal with our inner traumas - tell me how you came to terms with this? In the beginning of the book I revealed I was molested at 5 years old and before I started writing this book I had NEVER spoke about it to anyone ever, I didn’t really realize how much it actually affected me until the day I decided to sit my mother down and talk to her about it. Although I’ve dealt with many other traumas since then, I know that this one was a main factor of my anxiety since I was soo young when it occurred. I covered it up by acting like it never happened but when I started writing this book I kept hearing in sermons about being vulnerable so I knew that was God telling me to release that. So I had to dig deep down and cry, scream, and ponder on all of it, then be honest. Ever since I’ve let it go I’ve felt free because I was able to be honest with myself and become aware of how my trauma had caused so many insecurities that when I look back now and I see how it has held me so far back, while getting me into situations I’d never be in had I been more confident in myself, I understand it was just negative baggage. When your baggage becomes so heavy that you don’t even know who you are anymore you have to be tap into self awareness and dig deep to figure it out otherwise it feels like you’re sinking and it’s hard to transform when we are allowing our own view of ourselves to be tainted by traumatic experiences especially when it was out of our control. 6.) You also mention your spiritual life a lot, you talk about God - How did writing this book help with your spiritual life and your connection with God? Writing this book helped me understand the difference between religion and relationship with God. I’ve never been good at religion, in my personal opinion religion will have you feeling like you have to do things FOR Gods approval whereas having a relationship with him you understand that he loves you regardless of your flaws/mistakes because he knew you before you were placed in your mother’s womb and he wants you to be great, so he would never put you in a situation that you cannot handle and learn something from. I always talk about God along with everything he has done for me and brought me through but when I do I like to make sure it’s clear to those around me along with those that don’t know him, that I am not at all perfect I still make mistakes but he’s still blessing me and speaking to me to help others understand this truth.  7.) Tell me about your table of contents and how you came up with each title? Each title is a level that I had to overcome, understand and apply to my life to renew my mind and level up. Comparison, Transformation/Transition, and Patience all pretty much speak for themselves. The chapter Fighting On stemmed from those moments when I had to remind myself to fight any anxieties and get things done. More than enough represents an understanding that what’s for me is always going to be for me and I’m enough no matter what anyone says. With The Courage chapter I wanted to reference having the courage to move forward even when you don’t understand where exactly you are in life but you know where you want to be. I’m not lost, I’m just scared, this chapter is almost an extension of the courage because it’s where a lot of people get stuck. We have all these realizations and plan to move forward to change but when it’s time to put it into action we get cold feet, it’s hard to break the cycles we’re so accustomed to. Lastly Why Me is where this all started. When God put all of this on my heart this was the first thing I said to myself, “Why me”? I needed to get rid of self doubt and understand God uses who he wants, you don’t have to fit the mold of the “perfect christian” just being myself and building my own personal relationship with God has changed my life drastically. 8.) What are 3 main things that you would like your audience to take from reading this book? I’d like people to renew their way of thinking and just be more positive because we all deserve to be truly happy no matter the obstacles we’ve faced no one walking this earth is perfect. I want people know it’s okay to be your true authentic self while loving God he doesn’t condemn or judge like humans do with each other. I’m a firm believer in love, self love and loving others. I just want people to choose love over hate. Overall I expect that people will have their own interpretations of this book because each individual has their “thing” they are dealing with and I truly believe this book will help with putting “it” into perspective.  My personal review on the book: When someone is being completely vulnerable and real about their story, their trials, and downfalls I applaud that so much. A lot of people may think it's easy for someone to just write a book about what they've been through until they actually have to do it! I truly applaud Kenee for this great read, it was honestly so relatable and I almost highlighted the entire book. One thing that really stuck with me was how she spoke so highly about God, purpose, and prayers. Towards the back of the book she put a section for sermon notes that I truly fell in love with, I mean these are scriptures/quotes that we all could reference in our everyday life. I highly recommend this book. 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With Love, T.

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