This is a picture from my desk and I continue to add to it. I come into work every single day whether I am having a good day or a really bad one I make sure I read every single note. I’m a writer so in order for me to understand something I have to write it down, I have to write it out so that it can be placed in my mind. I am a person who feeds off of reassurance, affirmations, and the word of God. I believe in every word! These words will guide me from the bottom up because there are truth and power to what I wrote down. Sometimes I look for reassurance from my boyfriend, my friends, or my manager and when I don’t get it I start to feel empty or as if I am doing something wrong BUT I had to learn very quickly that I have to do it for myself, I had to be that person for myself – the loving, positive and encouraging person. This is something that I’ve always done and I will probably never stop doing, it’s my prayers to God and it’s reassurance that no matter what I am going through everything will be okay.

Here are some more affirmations that I have written down in my journal:

I’m going to make you SO proud! (note to self)I am Enough, I am focused, persistent and I will never quit. Don’t be moved by your problems. Your insecurity is not your identity. Self Love is a choice and you need to choose that every single day God’s timing is forever accurate. The darkest nights cannot stop the light of the Lord from shining through. When fear knocks on the door answer it with faith “If you can make it through the night, there’s a brighter day”. It’s so important to feed your mind good thoughts, not only that but to reassure yourself of everything good and nothing but the truth will help you in so many ways. I hope this helps you, I hope these words strengthen you and lifts you up even if it’s only by a little bit.

With Love,


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