8 Things You Should Do At The Beginning of The Month

Wow! Are we already here? The beginning of the month always brings a sense of newness and I just love it here. It's a reminder that we all can start again no matter how last month went.

Reflecting back on how July went, I would say that it was alright - the highlight of my month was finally rebranding and having a pretty successful launch. As far as everything else I can't really say the same. I think I spent way too much money that I can't even tell you on what, way too many things on my todo list that never got done and only got moved over to the next day task, and It's been a real struggle at my corporate job. Instead of beating myself up about it I just had to reflect and come up with a plan for August.

So if you had a month like me or if you're just looking for a way to get more organized and productive so that you see growth at the end of the month, keep reading!


Set spiritual goals (no compromise!)

This is something that I really lacked in my previous months and it left me feeling pretty empty most days. I always talk to God and I always pray but I feel like it became something that I only did if I remembered or if I was really struggling with something which is not me and my mom would not be proud. lol

My spiritual goal looks a little something like reading the Bible everyday (preferably in the morning before I start my day) and getting MORE intentional about my prayers, what I ask for, and to also speak on what I'm thankful for. I want to go into my days knowing that what God says is true and that I'm on HIS time. I think the mistake that I've made in my past when it came to my spiritual life is that I would ask God for certain things, I would write them down and say it in prayer repeatedly but did nothing in my real life that reflected what I was asking of him.

Reflect on your previous month

I know y'all are probably tired of me saying this but it's so important that we reflect on what worked in the previous month and what didn't. I don't know why so many people avoid this part when it really only sets us up for something better. This applies to your personal life, work life, and home life; it gives you the space to take a look at the bigger picture and rule out the things that will set you back. It's time to water the things that did work and truly build on that!

Set your life goals

When setting overall goals I like to break them down into categories so that I don't get so overwhelmed. For example (family, home, business, corporate job, spiritual, and finances) is how I break it all down. I will write down the goal and then following that the proper steps that I need to take in order for me to reach that goal. It's almost too easy to focus in on one aspect like for me, it's probably my business whether I'm busy creating content for others or myself I easily forget about family time or my own fitness goals so having these goals set really keeps me structured.

Learn something new

Sit in on a webinar, buy an eBook, book a 1on1 session with an expert in your field, or even network to get a different perspective. I always say that "I'm forever a student" because things are constantly evolving and you have to do the same! Being closed off to learning can keep you stuck. Invest into something that will help your business or even your day to day life! There's sooooo many resources out there and a good chunk of it is FREE.


Again with the categories break it all down. Monthly bills, groceries, utilities, car note, insurance, and miscellaneous. I usually do a budget for my personal and one for my business because I keep them separate so that I can see exactly what is going in and going out. Also - how much many I have to make investments if needed for my business. I only do finances on a month to month basis because trying to project anything beyond that overwhelms me and there's a lot of changes that happens even just within that time.

Clean it up

The beginning of the month is a great time to clean things up and prepare yourself for what the new month is going to bring. For example I like to go through my computer to clean up old files from previous client work or even my own work. I CAN'T WORK IN CLUTTER. Take the time to clean out those drawers or wipe down your desk and go through all of that paperwork that's sitting on your desk. :)

Batch your content/Schedule your social media content

You will hear a lot about batching your content and many coaches/creators giving this advice and it took me until recently to really take on that advice. I know it seems overwhelming when you think about making a month worth of content in one day but it is so worth it! I'm working on another blog post about how to batch content but seriously if you can block out a couple hours of your day it will help you in the weeks to come.

Create a self-care routine

I made a promise to myself that I would make sure I create a self-care routine for myself. I had to realize that so much comes from ME, on a day to day to basis I have to pour into so many cups and it's really easy to forget about myself but that stops now! I've realized that this doesn't have to be overly complicated either. I'm a mom of 2, I work a corporate job, and run a business so it's not likely that I would get a whole entire day to myself or sometimes even a couple of hours is stretching it but I do want to make sure I try too squeeze in something for me. Everyday that something may look different so do whatever works for you.

Are you ready to take on August? Let's plan and prepare for a successful month in ALL areas of our life because we deserve that.


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