To keep it simple the answer is Y E S.

Who would've thought that trying to make friends as an adult would be so hard. Especially now with kids, work, busy schedules, etc it's literally almost impossible well at least I think it is.

I've done a pretty good job of keeping the same friends from grade school all the way until now but I eventually had to be open to changes because well... that's life. Everybody grows on their own time and in their own way and sometimes that can lead to friendships growing apart - people's view and interests changes over time which can cause those gaps that often happen for people to drift apart. The only thing that is constant in life is change and sometimes a lot of those changes come from your own life that may alter the friendship (not agreeing that it should) but that's something that I had to consider when reflecting. A lot of why the friendships grow apart is because of the life decisions that YOU made and I had to be okay with that, I had to give myself that understanding and closure. Although in my opinion no matter the path that my friend decides to take whether it's to have kids, get married, be single, go to school, or literally whatever I would never not be there or stop the friendship completely. I understand the different paths that people take can cause some sort of alteration or distance but never the friendship ending completely but then you just accept your reality.

When I got asked this question I told myself that this can be a really long blog post of me going on and on or it can be really simple and I think that I am going to keep it simple...

With everything in me I believe that God will take away the ones that aren't meant to go on your next journey with you and he will replace them when needed with the people who are built and equip to ride your new journey out with you. It's literally all for a purpose and you have to know that. I don't have no hard feelings towards the friendships that fell apart; I actually still think of them often, speak on the memories and take aways from the friendship but I also understand where I am personally at in life and why certain things are setup the way that they are.

So the answer is yes! I've had close friendships that grew apart and I had to deal by processing it day by day as well as truly accepting that everything does happen for a reason and at the time I did not understand but I wholeheartedly do now. God makes no mistakes even when you think he's wrong, it's all written out. The people who are supposed to be in your life are actively present and in your life right now. God will always give you the tools and people that you need to survive.

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